The merchandising team at Shara-Tex starts the design process by researching and analyzing market trends, fabric developments coming out of Europe and all parts of the world.  We then translate the information into fabrics to fit the needs of our customers in all markets.

Whether the trend is surface interest, texture, new finishes, or new constructions, we are constantly working to develop new and innovative fabric lines. Custom, confined design is also an important part of servicing our customers.

We work closely with customers on fabric development in piece dye, yarn dye and printed patterns. As a service we also do custom CAD (computer aided design) artwork to aid customers on concepts and pattern layouts. Custom CAD work is very helpful for our customers to conceptualize new prints, stripe layouts, surface patterns and textures before we start the actual fabric development process.


From the moment an order reaches our fully-computerized production department, it is handled by the best production team in the industry to ensure prompt delivery. Teamwork and communication are the essential ingredients that our production team uses daily to ensure the smooth flow of new fabric developments, sample and production orders.


Before any fabric is shipped from Shara-Tex it is tested and inspected by our highly qualified production team to ensure the highest quality standards. The strict quality standards we set for our fabrics often surpass those accepted by the industry. Production runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the Vernon facility.